Diane Tasker


Diane TaskerBorn and raised in Northwood, Diane was Jeff’s high school sweetheart and after graduation they married in January 1977. At the University of New Hampshire, Diane enjoyed taking classes, working and living on campus while Jeff got his degree. Diane has worked at Tasker’s Well Company for over 40 years and is claimed to be the glue that holds the office together; over the years, she has evolved into a valued office manager.

With the business office in her home, Diane is a dedicated employee who helps others 24/7 and multi-tasks with ease. When taking calls, she is friendly and quick with answers. Diane’s family includes husband Jeff, children Curtis, Nicole and Kyle, and grandchildren Aidan, Finnigan, Olivia, and Sophia. When she can steal some free time, Diane enjoys traveling, reading, cooking, baking and a stress-releasing massage!