Newspaper Articles

Over the years,Tasker’s Well Company has been featured in media that includes newspaper articles and trade magazines.  See what the world has to say about us:

  • “Man with the Tin Hat Celebrates Golden Anniversary”

    “He actually wore a tin hat to our wedding,” remembers Diane Tasker, water well contractor Elmer Tasker’s daughter-in-law. “He wears it to church,” her husband Jeff notes; “he has a good hat, then one for work, then one for best.”

  • Another Successful Contractor

    Elmer expands on his slogan, “Our business has been going into the hole for 19 years and we have little to show for it – three kids, a nice nestegg, and plenty of equipment to work with. We’re satisfied.”

  • Good student finds bad water

    When Eric Baker, 9, of Durham, NH tested his family’s tap water in his Mast Way School fourth-grade class, he was in for a surprise.

  • In His Own Words: A Well Driller’s Resume

    In 1983, Elmer Tasker was nominated by then-Governor John Sununu to serve on the state Water Well Board. When asked to submit a resume noting his qualifications, Tasker sent the following letter.

  • Its No Task For the Taskers

    “I don’t know how Elmer can keep up the pace he sets for himself,” Murray mused as he directed his car up and down one sharp incline after another. “He works from sun up ’til sundown, day in and day out; never seems to be able to take a break.

  • Tasker’s Well Company, Inc. Celebrates 50th Anniversary

    In its 50 years in business, Tasker’s Well has drilled in over 135 towns in New Hampshire and Maine. They believe their success comes from 50 years of proven ethics, integrity and reliability in the water well drilling business.

  • Well, Well … 50 Years in the Hole For the Taskers

    If you want to know about wells, ask someone whose “business is going in the hole.” That would be Elmer Tasker or either of his two sons, Jeff and Dan.

  • Support System for the Water Industry by Lisa Allen Kennard

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was the support system for the well industry. Look around. Your teammates are in the huddle with you.

  • Drilling for Systematic Bill Collections by Lisa Allen Kennard

    “I’m a well driller, not a bill collector!” That’s what many well drillers say. After a hard day’s work, dirtier than the mud they sloshed through all day, many company owners find themselves faced with the necessity of bill collecting.