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Just a quick note to thank you all for your quick response. Within an hour of our call after a frozen weekend without water you arrived and quickly diagnosed and restored the flow. We also appreciated that you took the time to explain what you were testing, what was wrong, and what you were doing to fix the problem. Finally, your pro-active steps to improve our water system will help reduce the possibility of future outages.

We’ve always considered Tasker a good neighbor, but this week you took “good neighbor” to the next level.

Thank you very much.

Barb and Paul Taylor
Northwood, NH

Few things in life are as necessary as water, so when it comes to getting your water supply right, one needs the most friendly, reliable, and professional well company that can be found. Taskers is the one you can rely on!

The Luckau Family, 2020
Sanbornville, NH

In the middle of the summer, my busy campground full of people lost a well. What a nightmare; we were in a lot of trouble.

Twenty five years ago, Elmer and his two sons drilled a well that was producing more water than we needed. Now, it went dry. Understanding my urgency on a Saturday, they were there. Jeff commented how the tree limbs grew so much he had to cut them back again to make room for the rig. They drilled deeper and deeper, then hydrofractured the well; It worked! They installed a new pump motor and controls, to prevent them from burning out due to lack of water. But not for their expert honest professionalism, I would have lost a lot of business, and had hundreds of campers with ruined vacations.

Even after we were back to normal they phoned in to check on us. They even made sure I had a spare pump just in case.

I highly recommend this dependable, reputable company.

Ken Dean, 2012
Cove Camping Area
Conway, NH

Hello Tasker’s,

Never has it been so comfortable to spend so much. From the start, you were the only well drillers of three we called who returned our call. Bud Rollins was a genuine pleasure to talk to and we were well entertained by him. Jeff’s suggestion of how to use the existing waterline to run pipe and wire to avoid digging was most creative. Jeff and his hard working crew, working late, showed true dedication and professionalism. Jeff’s suggestion for the yard hydrant was a terrific addition, one that we had thought of 25 years ago when we built this place but never followed thru on. We are extremely happy with your fine work. Thanks so much.

The Pike Family, 2003
Strafford, NH

There are times in your life when you can really use some help from good people. Thank you for being those people for us last week. We will definitely recommend your services to other in the future.

The Coles, 2005
Barrington, NH

Dear Jeff,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, once again, for drilling the well. I have dealt with a lot of different people in a lot of different areas and I just wanted to commend you guys on your professionalism and work ethic. Not just anyone would have moved in and started drilling on a Saturday. You guys do good work and my wife and I are very pleased that you got us water. I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer the questions I had. A lot of people would not have taken that time. In closing, if you could send me an estimate for the installation of the pump I would appreciate it…I would like to have you guys do the pump so that it gets done right.

Brooks, 2000
Madison, NH

To All at Taskers:

I would be remiss if I did not take a few moments to compliment all of the members of your organization for the exemplary work they performed in the installation of the well at my vacation home …Everyone extended themselves far beyond my expectations…Every single detail, from the removal, cutting, and stacking of a troublesome tree, the siting of the well, mechanical and electrical installations, restoration of the grounds (which was really an improvement), and coordinating the disconnection from the community well…all in the total absence of the client, were demonstrative of a sense of pride in workmanship that I was beginning to think no longer existed. Thanks for restoring my faith…Of course, the 75 gallon per minute well you delivered, making me an instant local celebrity, didn’t hurt to elevate my spirits and convince me that I had made the appropriate choice of contractors. Without reservation, you may consider me a totally satisfied customer who is more than pleased to offer testimony to the level of competence, integrity and professionalism exhibited by each and every member of your team.

Dussault, 2000
Center Conway, NH


J & J Pounds are pleased to announce the new addition to their family “Welliam” Pounds. Welliam is healthy and was delivered on Dec 11, 1993 at about 11:00 AM. Delivery was made by “Dr.” Jeff Tasker assisted by his aid…Jeff has probably officiated in over 1000 such deliveries, exceeded only by his father Elmer’s distinguished record.

The details:…Welliam weighed in at 5+ gal/min and was 522 feet long. The weigh-in was made by pumping air down his throat and metering the flow of water over the top of his mouth. After setting overnight, the water filled to within 10’ of his mouth…

Welliam was pumped and allowed to refill on his own. With water at about 240’ down mark, the water was rising in Welliam at about 3 feet/minute, which is 4.5 gal/min if one assumes water is coming only into the 6” Welliam shaft.

Welliam was fractionated 4 or 5 times starting at 120’ down from the top and working down his shaft. Welliam’s 6” shaft provides a reservoir of 1.5 gallons/foot. If Welliam fills to 60’ from the top, he contains 693 gallons of water…Welliam is now dressed in a 41’ casing cap with a cute 5’ green tassel protruding at its top.

Welliam’s parents plan to outfit him with equipment needed to develop his full potential in life. They feel that a pump capable of 5 gallons/minute at 450 foot head should do nicely. “Dr.” Jeff has estimated that this pump will cost $… “Dr.” Jeff’s delivery bill will run about $…and is not covered by insurance.

Father J was heard to remark that such additions to his family are expensive, and he hopes this is the last.

Pounds, 1993
Center Harbor, NH

This is the 3rd well you have done for me and I am very pleased with the workmanship and the results. I would tell anyone looking for water – ‘Go to Tasker’s for the best job!’ Thanks again and thanks to Dan for talking me into going a little deeper – for an additional $360.00 I got an extra 17 gal a minute!!

Thompson, 1987
Orford, NH

Doing business with you is a great pleasure for me, because you DO just what you say you will.

Knight, 2000
Conway, NH

Dear Jeff,

Thank you for doing the job the right way!

Warren, 1998
Durham, NH

Just a quick note of thanks to everyone at Tasker’s Well Company. We truly appreciate the quick professional serve you gave us. What a great difference the new well makes – we should have done it sooner! Thanks again!!

Johnson, 1997
Northwood, NH

As usual, it was a pleasure to have Tasker family drill me a well. It’s nice to know there are still some nice reliable family businesses alive.

Pascoe, 1997
Ossipee, NH

Attn Taskers Well Co.:

I am very pleased with the timely manner that you drilled my well in. We look forward to many years of good water thanks to you. We would endorse your company to anyone looking to drill a new well. I enjoyed the education your crew gave me as they went along. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Yelle, 1995
Weare, NH

Dear Mr. Tasker:

Once again, I want to thank you for doing the work on such short notice. I also want to give high praise for the quality of work that was done and the politeness, patience in explaining each step of the process and expertise of your men. It is easy to understand why your company has a fine reputation…

Thomson, 1995
Sandwich, NH

Dear Dan:

Thanks much for the drilling job. Your meaningful care to our needs was much appreciated. We, and our plants (and our established landscaping) thank you for your help and concern.

St.Cyr, 1995
Strafford, NH

Dear Dan:

Thank you for putting in my well…in such short order. I learned a great deal in watching you…operate the drill rig and other equipment. Drilling requires a lot of hard work and judgment accrued through experience. You and your dad, Elmer, deserve to be proud of the business you have built. I’d like to have you put in the pump in the spring.

Sachse, 1994
Jackson, NH

Dear Mr. Tasker:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the super job you did at drilling a well for us…I remember calling you and asking for the job to be done quickly because I had tenants without water – your company did this job quickly, efficiently, professionally and I really do appreciate it. We have not had a water problem in that home since that day.

Janet Lee Realty, 1994
Auburn, NH

Dear Mr. Tasker,

I would like to thank you for once again for providing prompt and outstanding service to one of my clients. Over the years I have called on you to provide service, often on short notice, and I have found your company to always be ready and able to satisfy my client’s needs. Most recently…needed a well drilled and your rig was set within 24 hours and water was hit within 24 hours of that. Thanks for your outstanding service.

Kennett, Wason & Jones, Realtors, 1993
Well in Brownfield, Maine

Dear Mr. Tasker:

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the job that was done. We were very impressed by the two men who drilled the well. They didn’t appear to waste any time and always kept busy. They were polite as well as very professional. They let us know what was happening as far as progress being made. We would highly recommend your company to others.

Williams, 1993
Strafford, NH

Dear Elmer –

Our thanks to you folks for a good job well done. I wish we’d called you ten years ago! You guys worked fast, ultimately provided a great supply of water, did a fantastic installation and clean up job and a very fair bill. We’re pleased and will certainly recommend you to others – and will be calling to have you again…

Slayton, 1993
Concord, NH

Tasker’s Well Co.:

Just a quick note to say thank-you for the excellent job on my well…I cannot say enough good things about your service and the work done by your men. They were probably two of the hardest and most efficient workers I’ve ever seen. They did their job in a very professional manner and were courteous and helpful at all times. They were also careful to leave the work site clean and orderly.

Demers, 1992
Lisbon, NH

Dear Mr. Tasker and Crew:

Thank you for all your efforts in helping me ‘salvage’ my well. So far all is well with the well! I say a little prayer every day that all will stay well with the well, but if not, I can find no fault with your work. You certainly went the extra mile for me in trying to save this well and I do, most assuredly, appreciate that.

Martin, 1992

Dear Sirs:

…Allow me to commend your organization for its fairness and integrity and your crew for their courtesy and consideration.

Lovering, 1990
Jackson, NH

Dear Crew:

I’m glad I did my homework on finding the right company to hydrofracture my well. Considering I had about a quart a minute to begin with, the 3 gallons+ result that was achieved was very good. Thank you all for your expert work and high degree of professionalism that you all put into your work. It really shows. The next hole in the ground I ever need to make will definitely be yours.

Newcomb, 1992
Mirror Lake, NH

Mr. Tasker:

Thank you for the fine flowing well. Since I probably will never use all 45 gallons per minute, please let me know if anyone in my area would like to lease the surplus.

Sheedy, 1986
Glen, NH

…The boys did a great job and we did enjoy having them. Dad may wear the hard hat, but they should wear the white hat, like the good-guys on TV.

Hill, 1986
North Conway

This memo is to Thank You for a well done job! My clients are very excited about this newest and nicest acquisition to their housing inventory. Thanks for working with us with such enthusiasm and professionalism. Through your efforts the job was a complete success.

Robillard Inc., 1985
Well in Chichester, NH

Dear Elmer:

…We are enjoying the plentitude of water after the drought of the past summer. Working with you and the boys was a wonderful experience and bore out all the nice things we heard from other customers of Tasker’s Well. Thanks again for your prompt service.

Ketchen, 1983
Barrington, NH

I just wanted to say thanks very much for a job well done. I appreciate the fact that you came early and that the job was done quickly and honestly. You have my sincere gratitude and respect.

Hartwig, 1983
Barrington, NH

Dear Elmer:

Just a note to thank you and your crew again for the excellent job of installing the two wells on this project. We all enjoyed your “Yankee Spirit” of cooperation. An example of this was the temporary pump you have allowed us to use.

Madallion Construction Corp., 1984
Well in Monroe, NH

Dear Sir or Ms,

Enclosed is my payment in full…I have also included three $50 checks, one for each of the men who worked on the job. Please distribute them to the right individuals. They were knowledgeable, hard working, and friendly. I appreciated their visit. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Cunningham, 2009
Sanbornton, NH

Even though you offer the 2% discount, I am paying the full balance. I am doing this because I appreciate the hard work everyone did, some at no extra charge to me. Although it went over budget on my end, I wanted to acknowledge the extra time and energy everyone at Tasker’s Well Co. put forth at my site in search for water. I chose Tasker’s for its great reputation and excellent service, and I got all that and more. I will always highly recommend your company to others.

Riddensdale, 2009
Fryeburg, Maine