Services We Provide


At Tasker’s Well Company, we are more than happy to use our 77 years of experience to provide you with an estimate to drill a new well, deepen your existing well, or hydrofracture your low-yield well.

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We have been drilling wells since 1947. Over seven decades of drilling experience and data at our fingertips gives us the information we need to estimate the cost of your job as accurately as possible. Our database consists of thousands of drilled wells which have proven invaluable at pinpointing average depth and casing requirments. This aids us in providing you with a realistic estimates that closely reflects the actual cost of drilling a well in your area.


At Tasker’s Well Company, we don’t believe in package pricing. Never have, never will. We charge for wells by the foot. After the well is drilled you are billed for the number of feet drilled from the bottom of the well to the top. You are also billed per foot for the length of casing required to properly construct your well. If it is necessary to hydrofracture your well to achieve an adequate flow of water, you are billed a lump sum for that service.

Throughout the drilling process, we remain in contact with you, the customer, to discuss the progress on the well. With our 77 years of experience we can help you make educated decisions regarding your water needs. When we leave your jobsite, you are provided with an adequate water supply. With Tasker’s, you pay for quality workmanship and materials; and you get what you pay for!

No Hidden Charges

Tasker’s believes in letting its customers know up front what what to expect regarding pricing. We don’t charge our customers for the well and then toss in last minute ‘extras’ like a drive shoe and mudding. These items are not extras, they are essentials to the drilling process. We include these necessary items in the price of your well.


We are experts at drilling new rock wells, gravel wells, irrigation wells, or improving existing wells by deepening and/or hydrofracturing. We are also fully equipped to decommission old or unused wells.


We strive to attain the best flow available in your well. Our well drilling rigs are equipped with the equipment and technology that gives us the ability to increase the flow of virtually each and every well with the process of hydrofracturing. Under high pressure, water is forced into the well at various depths. This process opens up veins or fissures in the bedrock and reaches out to bring the water to the well. We have a 97% success rate of increasing well yields using this process.


After the well drilling is completed and the depth, flow, and static level is determined, we then select the correct size pump to best utilize the available water in your well. We use quality J-Class and Franklin Electric pumps and use line item billing so you know exactly what was used on your system. Whether supplying water for a single-family home or business, we are licensed to handle all aspects of pump installations.

Constant Pressure

A new and fast-growing favorite alternative to standard pumps, state-of-the-art constant pressure pumps have many benefits. The constant pressure system continuously monitors water usage and changes the pump speed to keep up with demand. This unique system eliminates pressure and temperature fluctuations; bathtubs and washing machines fill quicker, operation is quieter, and the pump has built in protection.


An integral component in supplying water pressure from the well to your faucet, we install quality Well-X Trol tanks in a variety of sizes that is just right for your application.


Our fleet of equipment includes a variety of backhoes making us fully able to dig your trench from the well to the house/building; this is called the offset. We run the electrical wire through PVC conduit which provides years of protection. We then backfill the trench; in most cases leaving your landscaping just as we found it.


If you experience problems with your well or pump, we are happy to provide a service call when our schedule allows. Whether you are an existing customer or a new customer, all it takes is a call and we will do our best to quickly handle the problem ourselves. However, when we are tied up on a drilling project that requires our attention and we are unable to respond quickly, we are happy to recommend someone we trust  who services your area.