Elmer D Tasker


Elmer D TaskerAfter serving in World War II, Elmer co-founded Tasker’s Well Company in 1947. While Edith, his late wife, raised their children and kept the company books, Elmer expanded his company and became an icon in the well drilling industry. Elmer witnessed the old cable tool ‘pounders’ evolve into today’s high-tech rotary drill rigs. Many of the workers he trained over the years went on to establish their own companies.

As an original member of the New Hampshire Water Well Board, Elmer served for 11 years. In over 40 years as head of the company, some of Elmer’s many roles included well driller, mechanic and salesman. Even after retirement, Elmer continued to have a relentless interest in the company, calling his sons at the end of each day to see how things went at the job site. He enjoyed politics, watching the news, and being known famously throughout the state as ‘The Man with the Tin Hat.’