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Westerville, Ohio (2005) Jeffrey Tasker of Tasker’s Well Company, Inc. located in Northwood, N.H. has successfully completed the National Ground Water Association’s (NGWA) Master Ground Water Contrator examination and met the other requirements leading to the status of Master Ground Water Contractor (MGWC). Jeffrey Tasker is the first ground water contractor in the State of New Hampshire to gain this status and is one of 72 Master Ground Water Contractors in the country.

As co-owner of Tasker’s Well Company, Inc., Jeffrey is involved in all aspects of business such as well drilling, pump installations and the day-to-day running of the company. Currently, Jeffrey is serving his first term as Water Well Contractor member on the N.H. Water Well Board. Over the years, he has served as President, Vice President, and Director of the N.H. Water Well Association.

The NGWA Contractor Certification Program establishes standards of technical compentency within the ground water contracting professions and demonstrates the Certified Contractor has voluntarily met these standards. Master Ground Water Contractors have proven their knowledge in all aspects of the industry.

All candidates of the MGWC exam must have a minimum of five years active experience in the well construction industry and must be currently certified in all existing certification categories for well construction and pump installation.

Ground water is the drinking water supply for 53 percent of the American public. The employment of qualified ground water contractors to install or to maintain systems assures quality workmanship and the protection of our valuable ground water supply.