In His Own Words: A Well Driller’s Résumé

In His Own Words: A Well Driller’s Résumé

In 1983 Elmer Tasker was nominated by then-Governor John Sununu to serve on the state Water Well Board. When asked to submit a resume noting his qualifications, Tasker sent the following letter. It was printed on the company letterhead, which includes the slogan, “Our Business is Going in the Hole.”

September 8, 1983

Governor John Sununu
State House
Concord , NH 03301

I was born September 29,1919, on a farm on Jenness Pond in Northwood, NH where I spent my boy hood years.

I graduated from Coe-Brown Northwood Academy in Northwood, NH fifteenth in my class. It was a small class (15).

I joined the United States Army in November 1940 and served until October 1945.

My wife Edith lost her husband in World War II and was left with two daughters. I met her when I was 30 and we were married in December 1949. My wife has been the best thing that ever happened to me and the only thing I ever got secondhand that was any good. I can assure you the old cliche that virgins make for happier marriages is a myth and an old wives’ tale.

We now have three sons who work for me and have reached the age where they think I’m senile. I agree with them because I realize I get paid by the foot and not for arguing about mistakes they make. Now and then they listen and realize every mistake I help avoid through experience, helps the bank balance.

I have been in the same business for 36 years and have never had a complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau.

In addition to well drilling, this company has installed many pumps, tested many wells for yield, drawdown, etc. on 72-hour pump tests.

I realize highway salt is one of the top polluters of wells in New Hampshire and all water that passes through and approved and controlled by the State Liquor Commission is polluted to the point it has caused more deaths and accidents than any war or major catastrophe, also more broken homes, wife abuse, child abuse, broken friendships and keeps the state hospital filled. The kick the water pollution is on at this time is the natural elements found in the ground, arsenic and fluoride. If you think these are false statements, contact New Hampshire College. I am sending some interesting articles to show how unimportant this kick is. I am 64 years old and have never heard of anyone becoming deathly sick or dying from drinking a glass of water in New Hampshire.

If you need a man on this committee that has more common sense than education, that understands cable tool and rotary drilling, working head or jack pumps, jet pumps and submersible pumps, I feel I qualify. If you need a yes man, a patsy or a faker, I don’t.

Yours truly,

Elmer D. Tasker